ARDECO: Automatic Region DEtection and COnversion

Supplemental Material


Follow this link to the main webpage of the ARDECO article.

The complete implementation is available in our Graphite software, in both sources and Windows binary form.

These web-pages contain in the VECTOR IMAGE GALLERIES section all the examples and results shown in the paper, and some more that did not fit due to space considerations.

All the image galleries are available in two versions, one with all the results in the SVG format (this requires a SVG plugin, available from there), and one with standard images only. The SVG file format is becoming a standard, but is not supported yet by all internet browsers. If you have the SVG plugin, then you can zoom in the results by right-clicking on the vector images. In both cases, to let the reader experience resolution-independent graphics, each example has a link to a PDF version, that can be viewed/zoomed-in/printed in Acrobat reader or in any PDF-compliant software.

The VIDEOS section shows the principal steps of the algorithm.

We have included in the SOURCE-CODE section the complete implementation of our generic rasterizer and M-estimator fitting, for bivariate polynomial functions of degrees from 0 to 3.