Graphite is a research platform for computer graphics, 3D modeling and numerical geometry.

Graphite was awarded the special prize "most innovative project" and the third prize "scientific software category" at the "trophées du libre" international free software competition.

Latest version: Graphite 3.0 alpha is out !

Release highlights:

  • Support for recent libs (Qt 5, Python 3,...)
  • Complete code cleanup, documentation
  • More efficient data structures (based on GEOGRAM)

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Download and Instructions

Graphite is hosted by Inria GForge.

Documentation is available here

Featured projects with Graphite

Lab: Concordia University, Montreal

Project: Tiberiu Popa's course on Geometry Processing

Web link: Popa's page at Concordia

Lab: U. of British Columbia

Project: Hexaedral meshing (SGP 2011)

Web link: Project page in UBC

Lab: U. ETH Zurich

Project: Course: Physically based simulation (uses mesher in Graphite)

Web link: Course page in ETHZ

Lab: U. of Girona

Project: Inverse Geometric Textures (Siggraph Asia 2008)

Web link:Project page in U. of Girona webpage

Lab: U. of Singapore, Hong-Kong U.S.T and Microsoft Research Asia

Project: Texture Amendment (Siggraph Asia 2008)

Web link:Project page in U. of Singapore webpage

Lab: UBC Imager Lab

Project: Geometry Processing class and research

Web links: Alla Sheffer's class webpage, Alla Sheffer's research papers


Project: Texture transfer

Web link: Tom Merten's webpage

Lab: USC/ICT Graphics Lab

Project: The parthenon, computing a diffuse albredo map

Web link: Paul Debevec's website

Lab: Evasion (INRIA project-team)

Project: Coherent reconstruction of animated meshes

Web link: Lionel Reveret and Frank Hetroy's webpage, and here

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a link to your project here.