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CGAL parameterization package

The CGAL Planar Parameterization package is a software library that implements several types of mesh parameterization methods. This package is now part of the standard CGAL distribution, that can be downloaded from the CGAL website . The documentation of the package (written by Laurent Saboret) can be obtained from this webpage. The CGAL Planar Parameterization package was developed in the frame of a cooperation with the Geometrica project-team (with Laurent Saboret, Pierre Alliez and Bruno Lévy).


TAGL (ThreeDee Advanced Graphics Library) is a 3D programming library that was written in the 90s (at the pre-gpu-hic ages). It was able to do approx. 10 fps on a 486 Dx 33 Mhz PC (for a model with a few hundred facets and a 640x480 graphic board). This is a software rasterizer with Z-Buffer, gouraud shading, dithering, and (unfiltered) texturing. This distribution works under Linux.


              Download TAGL



Vorpaline Surface Mesh
Vorpaline is a meshing software (isotropic, anisotropic surface meshing, hex-dominant volume meshing).
More information on [Vorpaline project webpage]

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