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“Mesh Editing with an Embedded Network of Curves”
Wan Chiu Li, Bruno Lévy and Jean-Claude Paul
IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, 2005

Abstract: We propose a new topological data structure for repre- senting a set of polygonal curves embedded in a meshed surface. In this embedding, the vertices of the curve do not nec- essarily correspond to the vertices of the surface. The partition of the surface yielded by the intersecting curves is ef- ficiently represented as a cut-graph. The cut-graph stores combinatorial information of the network of curves. In our approach, the combinatorial form of information is systematically preferred to geometrical information since it im- proves both robustness and efficiency. Thanks to the topological data structure and algorithms, the cut-graph can be sketched through iterations of designing and erasing curves on the mesh surface in a non- destructive way, i.e. without modifying the mesh until the cutting operation is committed. We also demonstrate several prototype curve de- sign tools inspired by 2D vector and bitmap graphics paradigms. We show how to sketch the cut-graph and how these tools can be mixedly used.

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