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Publications in 2003

“Generation of Radiosity Texture Atlas for Realistic Real-Time Rendering”
Nicolas Ray, Jean-Christophe Ulysse, Xavier Cavin and Bruno Lévy
Eurographics, Granada, Espagne, 2003

“Hierarchical Least Squares Conformal Maps”
Nicolas Ray and Bruno Lévy
11th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, Canmore, Canada, 2003

“Dual Domain Extrapolation”
Bruno Lévy
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH conference proceedings) - SIGGRAPH 2003 Session \,: Parameterization, 2003

“Anisotropic Polygonal Remeshing”
Pierre Alliez, David Cohen-Steiner, Olivier Devillers, Bruno Lévy and Mathieu Desbrun
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH conference proceedings), 2003

“Interactive Poster: Visualizing the Interaction Between Two Proteins”
Nicolas Ray, Xavier Cavin and Bernard Maigret
IEEE Visualization, Seattle, USA, 2003

“High Performance Computing and Visualization for Forestry Applications - Project SILVES”
Frédéric Blaise, Xavier Cavin and Jean-Claude Paul
International Symposium on Plant growth Modeling, simulation, visualization and their Applications 2003 -PMA'03, Beijing, China, 2003

Reports and theses in 2003

“Génération d'atlas de texture multi-résolution”
Nicolas Ray
Ph.D. thesis, 2003