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“Spectral Geometry Processing”
Bruno Levy and Richard Hao Zhang
ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA Course Notes, 2009

Abstract: Spectral mesh processing is an idea that was proposed at the be- ginning of the 90's to port the signal processing toolbox to the setting of 3D mesh models. Recent advances in both computer horsepower and numerical software make it possible to fully implement this vision. In the more classi- cal context of sound and image processing, Fourier analysis was a corner stone in the development of a wide spectrum of techniques, such as filtering, com- pression, and recognition. In this course, attendees will learn how to transfer the underlying concepts to the setting of a mesh model, how to implement the spectral mesh processing toolbox and use it for real applications, including filtering, shape matching, remeshing, segmentation, and parameterization.

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See also our book Polygon Mesh Processing , Botsch, Kobbelt, Pauly, Alliez and Levy, AK Peters. Chapter 3 (Differential Geometry) and Chapter 4 (Smoothing, Fourrier transform and Manifold Harmonics, diffusion flow, fairing ...).

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