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“GsTL, a geostatistical template library in C++”
Nicolas Rémy, Arben Shtuka, Bruno Lévy and Jeff Caers
Computers and Geosciences, 2002

Abstract: The development of geostatistics has been mostly acccomplished by application- oriented engineers in the past twenty years. The focus on concrete applications gave birth to a great many algorithms and computer programs designed to address very di erent issues, such as estimating or simulating a variable while possibly accounting for secondary information like seismic data, or integrat- ing geological and geometrical data. At the core of any geostatistical data integration methodology is a well-designed algorithm. Yet, despite their obvious di erences, all these algorithms share a lot of commonalities one should capitalize on when building a geostatistics pro- gramming library, lest the resulting library is poorly reusable and diÆcult to expand. Building on this observation, we design a comprehensive, yet exible and easily reusable library of geostatistics algorithms in C ++ .

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