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“Building PEBI Grids Conforming To 3D Geological Features Using Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations”
Romain Merland, Bruno Lévy and Guillaume Caumon
IAMG conference proceedings, 2011

Abstract: For numerical reservoir flow simulation, grids that are conformal to the geological features are needed in order to reduce the homogenization error (in particular between horizons) and to re- trieve the major flow features (such as faults).In this paper, Voronoi Tessellations are obtained by an optimization method where the minimized function is modified from the classical Cen- troidal Voronoi function. The geological features are considered as inner surfaces, dividing the reservoir into closed subdomains.These methodologies are applied successfully to 3D synthetic reservoirs with internal features such as horizons, faults, partly cutting faults and pinch-outs.

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