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“Procedural Texture Preview”
Anass Lasram, Sylvain Lefebvre and Cyrille Damez
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics conf. proc.), 2012

Abstract: Procedural textures usually require spending time testing parameters to realize the diversity of appearances. This paper introduces the idea of a procedural texture preview: A single static image summarizing in a limited pixel space the appearances produced by a given procedure. Unlike grids of thumbnails our previews present a continuous image of appearances, analog to a map. The main challenge is to ensure that most appearances are visible, are allocated a similar pixel area, and are ordered in a smooth manner throughout the preview. To reach this goal, we introduce a new layout algorithm accounting simultaneously for these criteria. After computing a layout of appearances, we rely on by-example texture synthesis to produce the final preview. We demonstrate our approach on a database of production-level procedural textures.

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