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“GPU Accelerated Isosurface Extraction on Tetrahedral Grids”
Luc Buatois, Guillaume Caumon and Bruno Lévy
International Symposium on Visual Computing, 2006

Abstract: Visualizing large unstructured grids is extremely useful to understand natural and simulated phenomena. However, informative volume visualization is di cult to achieve e ciently due to the huge amount of information to process. In this paper, we present a method to e ciently tessellate on a GPU large unstructured tetrahedral grids made of millions of cells. This method avoids data redundancy by using textures for storing most of the needed data; textures are accessed through vertex texture lookup in the vertex shading unit of modern graphics cards. Results show that our method is about 2 times faster than the same CPUbased extraction, and complementary with previous approaches based on GPU registers: it is less e cient for small grids, but handles millionstetrahedra grids in graphics memory, which was impossible with previous works. Future hardware evolutions are expected to make our approach much more efficient.

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