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“Feature Sensitive Bas Relief Generation”
Jens Kerber, Art Tevs, Rhaleb Zayer and Hans-Peter Seidel
IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications Proceedings, 2009

Abstract: Among all forms of scuplture, bas-relief is aguably the closest to painting. Although inherently a two-dimensional sculpture, a bas-releif suggests a visual spatial extension of the scene in depth through the combination of composition, perspective and shading. Most recently, there have been significant results on digital bas-relief generation byt many of the existing techniques may wash out high level surface detail during the compression process. The primary goal of this work is to address the problem of fine features by tailoring a filtering technique that achieves good compression without compromising the quality of surface details. As a secondary application we explore the generation of artistic relief which mimic cubism in painting and we show how it could be used for generating Picasso like portraits.

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