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“Compression of Images and Videos by Geometrization”
Nicolas Stoiber
Masters thesis, 2007

Abstract: For technical and historical reasons, the raster graphics representation of visual informa- tion, like an image or a video, has become predominant over the years. For compression purposes in particular, the superiority of JPEG and MPEG schemes has strengthened the dominant position of pixel-based representations of images and videos. The drawback of these description techniques is that the pixels that carry the visual information have no extrinsic cohesion with one another. This complicates the execution of higher-level processing related to the semantics of the information. In this Diplomarbeit, an alter- native, higher-order image and video description technique is considered. Image and videos will be represented by respectively two or three dimensional meshes, in which the color information is modelized by polynomial functions. This representation can be obtained from a bitmap source through a fully automatic conversion process. The visual characteristics of the new format as well as its compression performances are investigated and compared with the traditional raster graphics techniques.

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