UV Mapping and Mesh Parameterization



Motivated by finite element meshing, we started studying mesh parameterization in the late 90's, and presented an application to texture mapping [Siggraph 98] and interactive texturing [Siggraph 01]. Then, we developped the free boundary LSCM method in coop. with Alias Wavefront [Siggraph 02]. We developped ABF++ in coop. with A. Sheffer [ACM TOG 2004] and a linearized version in coop. with R. Zayer [ACM/EG SGP 07]. We also developped methods for objects of arbitrary genus [ACM TOG 2006] and a method that generates a continuous texture field over an object [EGSR 2010] (shown in the figure). We gave a course on parameterization at [ACM SIGGRAPH 2007].

We experimented various applications: mesh completion [Siggraph 03], remeshing in coop. with P. Alliez and M. Desbrun [Siggraph 03], normal-mapping [PG 03] and light simulation [Eurographics 03], [Graphite 05].




* SIGGRAPH07 course

* Graphite software

* OpenNL software

* CGAL parameterization package

* Blender software


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