The Vorpaline software takes a new approach to 3D mesh generation, based on the theory of numerical optimization. The optimal mesh generation algorithm developed in the frame of the European Research Council GOODSHAPE project globally and automatically optimizes the mesh elements with respect to geometric constraints (two patents) . The mathematical foundations of this algorithm, i.e. the minimization of a smooth energy function, result in practice in a faster algorithm, and - more importantly - in a higher flexibility. For instance, it will allow automatic generation of the aforementioned "hex-dominant" meshes.


Vorpaline is available for Windows 32 / Windows 64 / Linux 64. Features:

  • fully automatic surface mesh repair / holes filling
  • anisotropic surface remeshing
  • surface reconstruction from point clouds

Evaluation licenses and pricing: contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

[Article about Vorpaline in ERCIM news]


  • Jan 2015: Agreement signed with the Gocad consortium for using Vorpaline
  • Nov 2015: New hex-dominant meshing algorithm (PGP3d, developed by Nicolas Ray and Dmitry Sokolov)
  • Sept 2015: Robust version of LpCVT available in Vorpaline (hex dominant meshing)
  • July 2014 - Oct 2015: Early technology testing with the Gocad consortium
  • July 2013 - July 2014: Development of infrastructure, documentation of the code, non-regression testing, installation of continuous integration platform (Jenkins)
  • July, 1st, 2013: Thierry Valentin joins us (Software Architect)
  • June, 11, 2013: Vorpaline tech. demo at "Rencontres Inria Industries"
  • July, 28, 2013: Video about Vorpaline (in French)