Release Highlights

Graphite 2.0 - svn

  • coming soon...

Graphite 2.0-alpha5

  • Visual C++ 2010, Qt 4.8.2, Python 3
  • M.E.S.H. (Hausdorff distance computation)
  • gsg files (Graphite Scene Graph)
  • Mac OSX port

Graphite 2.0-alpha4

  • Updated GUI
  • Full screen mode
  • Texture Baking (tutorial soon to come)
  • Full Screen Effects (unsharp masking the depth buffer, tutorial soon to come)
  • PNtriangles implemented in ARB instead of NV (more portable)
  • Improved Normal Map shader
  • Removed deprecated GPU Shading languages
  • Replaced GLH with GLEW (OpenGL extension wrapper)
  • Dozens of small bug fixes

Graphite 2.0-alpha3

  • "VCR" system, that records user interaction with widgets in Graphite and allows to play it back
  • VCRPlayer gel script(in GraphiteTwo/lib), to easily playback VCR scripts step by step (instead of all at once)
  • Support of LWO file format
  • Added gel.list_classes() command to list all available GOM Classes from GEL
  • Added gel.inspect_class("classname") to be able to inspect a class from GEL without having an instance of it
  • Fixed problem with plugin loading when CGAL was enabled
  • CGAL compatibility package cgal2graphite, and surface_delaunay are now an external plugins (in /plugins/OGF)
  • Fixed problems with Devel : Tool naming convention, removed some limitations concerning base classes
  • Fixed problem with command history on Windows, where file path were sometimes corrupted
  • Documentation and tutorials on Devel and GEL(on the wiki)

Graphite 2.0-alpha2

  • Fixed many problems encountered when compiling on various compilers/OSes
  • Fixed refresh problem under Windows
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed Devel plugin (automatic generation of skeletons for developing Graphite plugins)
  • Compatible with latest version of CGAL (3.4)

Graphite 2.0-alpha1

  • Periodic Global Parameterization
  • Pliant Remeshing
  • Volumic tetrahedral meshing (with TETGEN)
  • File import: 3DS (with lib3DS)
  • Catmull-Clark subdivision
  • Segmentation with Variational Shape Approximation
  • New linear solver: SSE Sparse Conjugate Gradient (2X acceleration factor)
  • 32 bits (Windows, Linux) and 64 bits (Linux)
  • Try this (Windows version): <ctrl>-c in Graphite, <ctrl>-v in PowerPoint. Create your presentation at the speed of light !